What to Write on SEO Portfolio Website to Win the Best Clients?

When I was looking for new gigs, my SEO portfolio website helped me win high-paying clients quite a lot.

For that reason, I’m here to share with you some ideas on what to write on SEO portfolio website so that you can do the same.

How Do I Create an SEO Portfolio?

Create a one-page portfolio with no more than 500-1,000 words.

Clients simply don’t have time to read your website for 20 minutes straight before they decide whether to hire you.

So, we need to win these clients in just 3-5 minutes.

Next, you must use keywords tailored to what you’re specialized in.

For example, maybe you are good at finding guest post opportunities, content management, and keyword research, or perhaps you are good at creating an entire content strategy.

Whatever the case is, use relevant keywords within your copy.

Having a simple but beautiful portfolio website design and showing your social accounts is a standard nowadays.

If you are into SEO, chances are that you don’t have an eye for creating great designs.

If that is the case, hire a designer.

You will need a professional-looking logo as well.

Let me show you what to write on SEO portfolio website.

And if you apply the following points, your chances of landing a job are pretty good.

1 – Portfolio Website Tagline

When your potential clients open your portfolio website, they need to figure out what you are offering and what you are good at in the first few seconds.

So, be specific and tell them right away that they can count on you.

Tagline examples:

  • “I Help Bloggers Win White Hat Backlinks – No Risk for Your Blog” ​
  • “I’m Searching for Exceptional Writers for Amazon Affiliate Bloggers”​
  • “Need Content Strategy for Your Amazon Affiliate Blog? You Are at the Right Place!”​

Nothing too fancy, but you get the picture.

Be specific, to the point, and make them want more.

2 – Portfolio Website About Me Section

Just as in person, it’s nice when people introduce themselves before they start selling something, right?

Tell them more about you.

But remember, be short, honest, and write no more than 100 words.

Also, use a professional image, whatever you think will work the best.

3 – List Service You Offer

Now is the time for the most critical part: choosing what to write on SEO portfolio website.

Tell them what you do the best.

Do not throw your net too wide and overwhelm them with a million things you can do for them.


Well, I’m sure you delt with clients in the past who have sent you a million different things to do that had little or nothing to do with your skills.

I mean, we are not secretaries who work in a company.

We are freelancers who are offering specific services.

So, do not pretend here that you will do whatever they want.

Because down the road, that is not what you want.

Believe me!

4 – Portfolio Website Skills Section

In the last section, you showed them what you could do for them.

If a client is interested, they will scroll further.

If not, some of the potential clients will leave, and that’s okay.

Clients who are interested in what you are offering probably want to see your list of skills.

Mention your other blogs along with blogs from other clients (if you have permission).

Here, you can easily write 200 words.

They can skim through these blogs, but this is important because clients need to feel that you know what you are doing.

5 – Portfolio Website Resume

I often hear freelancers discussing what to write on SEO portfolio website, wondering if they should put their resume on their portfolio website.

If you’re wondering the same thing, then my answer is that I think you should.

Create one downloadable PDF document with your resume in Canva.

List your education and experiences in detail and discuss your blogs some more.

Also, this is the perfect opportunity to elaborate more about the blogs you’ve worked on for previous clients.

Why do you need this section?

Well, this is where you can go into more detail and show clients everything about you.

Plus, later on, some clients might recommend you to others.

That is the golden ticket, trust me!

6 – A Few Real Testimonials

Here, you don’t want to be a braggart.

Please don’t be one of those people who show 15 fake testimonials.

Maybe you have a few nice testimonials on UpWork that you can share.

Alternatively, you can ask the last or existing client to write a sentence or two about their experience working with you.

That would be enough.

Be honest.

Clients were not born yesterday.

They can easily differentiate fake from truthful testimonials.

7 – Contact Form on Portfolio Website

Create a functional contact form at the bottom of your one-page portfolio website.

Also, give clients your email where they can contact you directly.

Motivate them a bit with a few sentences encouraging them to reach out to you.

Let them know that you are open to discussing more details and happy to answer any questions they might have.


What should I name my SEO portfolio website?

Depending on the service, some freelancers prefer their name in a domain name.

Some have a company and use their company name.

The golden rule is to keep it short and easy to read.

What should I put on my SEO portfolio website?

I would suggest creating a one-page portfolio website.

Things you need to include are the About Me, Services, and Skills sections as well as a downloadable resume section, contact form, testimonials, and original website tagline that will show clients what your profession is.

How many pages do I need to have on my SEO portfolio website?

Having a one-page portfolio website is a better option if you want to catch the attention of your potential clients.

However, you can create 3-5 separate pages for your About page, Contact page, resume, and other information.

Final Words on What to Write on SEO Portfolio Website

I hope you will use my tips when considering what to write on SEO portfolio website.

A clean design and original logo are standard today.

However, with the above advice, you will catch clients’ attention and separate yourself from the competition.

Good luck!